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by Chok Chok Diaries October 17, 2017

The only extreme weather change we get around here is the disgusting heat in the Summer months. Now that we have thankfully survived that, its time to play outside! 

A few days ago, I noticed my skin feeling tighter and saw a couple of dry patches, which didn't make sense at all. Especially since hydration is always something my routine focuses on. That got me thinking about how the climate has been changing recently, and I've been spending more time on my back porch in the evenings. Does weather actually equal to a change in skin type? Is that why I'm feeling this tightness on my face? Let's find out!

Dr. Neal Schultz, MD, a dermatologist in Manhattan told Reader's Digest to think of your skin's oil like a stick of butter. "If you heat up a solid stick of butter, it turns to liquid and runs. Hot weather heats up the oil on your face, making it liquidy and conspicuous". That makes sense to me. I find myself blotting excess oil on my face far more often in the Summer months than in the Fall or Winter over here in Dubai. That definitely helped to keep my pores unclogged and avoid breakouts in the heat. I had read elsewhere sometime last year that if you have dry skin, you should be washing your face just once a day (with cleanser any way), since it does tend to dry out your face, which would result in excessive oil production to compensate for the dryness your skin is feeling. So in the mornings I would rinse my face with just water, and double cleanse at night. This kept my skin hydrated and was another step that helped me avoid any sort of breakout. For people with oily skin, cleansing twice a day in the Summer months is recommended.

Despite having dry skin, I remember my skin feeling so sticky in the Summer so I went on a diet and cut out a bunch of steps from my routine. In the mornings, after rinsing with water, I would use my Missha FTE, my Mamonde Hibiscus Ceramide Skin Softener Toner, and the Cosrx Snail Essence. The Goodal sunscreen is super moisturizing so I wouldn't need an occlusive at all. In the evenings, after double cleansing, I would use my FTE, toner, and instead of the snail essence by Cosrx, I would use the Scinic All in One Ampoule (I own all 4 of them so would change them up every now and then but the Honey and Snail ones are my FAVORITE and part of my HG). Et voilá! Skincare routine complete! But now, this wasn't cutting it any more. Minutes after my AM routine, I found my face feeling dry and tight. And at night, I found myself using sheet masks almost every night for an extra dose of hydration.

That's when I started planning a shift in my routine. For the past week, my AM routine looks something like this: rinse with water, Missha First Treatment Essence Intensive MoistMamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus, Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin, Scinic All in One Ampoule, su:m37 Waterfull Rebalancing Gel LotionGoodal Sun Screen.

And at night, my routine goes like this: Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing OilSulwhasoo Snowise EX Cleansing FoamMissha First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist, Dr. Jart Ceramidin LiquidKlairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating DropDr. Jart Ceramidin Light Cream.

All I can say is that it has been AMAZING to make this change. For those of you who are skeptical about the number of layers being used, a big part of a Korean skincare routine is to apply light layers of hydration as opposed to using one or two super heavy products. Apparently, in the longer run, this tends to have more benefits for the overall appearance of your skin. 

Moral of the story? A change in climate did effect my skin texture, tone, and appearance and changing up my routine to suite the current weather helped tremendously. Fine lines are going away again, face feels plumper, more dewy and just back to normal! So yay to that! Having said that, the weather is going to get even cooler and less humid so stay tuned to see another adjustment and product recommendations for dry skin types. If you have oily skin and are looking for new season recommendations, shoot us an email on

 Have any of you been switchings things up lately? Do tell!

Chok Chok Diaries
Chok Chok Diaries

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