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by Chok Chok Diaries July 26, 2018

Here we are in peak summer, trying our very best to survive the monstrous heat. Staying indoors and drinking TONS of water are some of the things we've seen people do around us to stay hydrated and avoid a heat stroke of any kind. And while all that water drinking is essential to avoid the dehydration of our bodies, our skin might need some different kind of loving in addition to it. 

Have you often felt like your skin was thirsty? The minute you applied a toner, a moisturizer or any other product for that matter, that it instantly felt like it was quenching its thirst? There is a reason why it feels like that, and the terms 'hydrating' and 'moisturizing' are way up there on the list of why. The fact that 'hydration' and 'moisture' are used interchangeably can be extremely confusing for most of us, which is why in today's write-up, we're going to define both. 

In the simplest terms, this is how we'd like to explain it: dehydrated skin lacks water, therefore requires hydration. Dry skin lacks oil, and therefore needs to be moisturized. Hydration=water. Moisture=oil. 

Many of us end up just hydrating our skin without moisturizing it fearing that products containing oil will break us out leading to acne. This is a very common misconception. When you strip your skin of natural oils by using harsh cleansers, exfoliators and other products, and refuse to replenish the oil, using oil-free moisturizers or other oil-free products, your skin will go into an overdrive and produce excess oil to compensate for this loss. That reaction can lead to pore congestion followed by a breakout. In addition, if you hydrate your skin, your skin might look plump and feel soft immediately, but that is only temporary. Water evaporates and you need something with oil to seal it in and keep it from evaporating. Without the oil, your skin will feel dry. On the other hand, moisturizing dehydrated skin might make it feel smoother, but will it will eventually look dull and feel tight.

Key Ingredients:

Reading ingredients lists are essential and come in at number two when picking out your products (number one being aware of what it is that your skin requires). 

Hydration - the star ingredient for hydration has to be Hyaluronic Acid. This baby has molecules with the ability to carry 1000 times its weight in water. A lot of Asian Beauty revolves around light layers of hydration before sealing it all in with a moisturizer. Here are some super hydrating products that we would recommend:

Moisture - look out for ingredients, which are described as humectants (molecules that trap in moisture). These ingredients, include glycerin, honey and ceramides. Here are our recommendations:

Are you keeping your skin both hydrated and moisturized? Let us know in your comments below or ask us any further questions you may have about this topic!

Chok Chok Diaries
Chok Chok Diaries

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