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by Chok Chok Diaries October 08, 2017

Right around our launch, we discussed the importance of double cleansing in your skincare routine and how owning that ritual can lead to skin thats healthier, more clear and far more radiant. Having said that, its important to identify the right ones for you. It's so tough to pick a cleanser (or two in this case) when there are so many to choose from and the ingredients begin to blur while you try to read them after a while. 

We decided to make a go-to list of cleansers comprised of our top picks for the different skin types, and based our selection on the list of ingredients, the functions they serve and feedback from our customers. So let's begin!

Oily Skin - It's a common misconception that if you have oily skin, you shouldn't be using an oil cleanser and understandably so. But its important to note that it is essential to clear your skin of oil-based impurities, such as sebum in order to stop pores from clogging. An oil-based cleanser does exactly that and one that's gentle enough not to strip your skin of it's natural oils is the Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. This star product contains vegetable oils which are super mild and do not cause irritation. The cleanser manages to maintain your skin's moisture even after cleansing. Follow your oil cleanse with a water-based cleanser and look no further than the Low pH Good Morning Cleanser by Cosrx! With key ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Betaine Salicylate (which is similar to Salicylic Acid and derived from Sugar Beets), and Citric Acid, these ingredients all work effectively together in controlling moisture levels while simultaneously sloughing off dead skin cells.

Dry Skin - Want to combat that dullness and those early signs of aging? You need a duo that is both rich and nourishing. Innisfree has the perfect oil cleanser to start your routine. The Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil is rich in amino acids and minerals, which would help with the dullness, while the argan oil and babassu oil would help with moisture. (If a runny oil isn't your thing, the Clean It Zero Radiance by Banila Co. is equally effective and ah-mazing. It comes in a sorbet-like texture which melts upon contact with your skin) For your second step, we recommend the White Dew Milky Cleanser by Laneige. This baby is deliciously creamy and would help with that dewy look you've been aching for.  

Combination Skin - This skin type is super tricky: to be able to manage an oily T-Zone while ensuring that the rest of your face doesn't dry out can be tough. Don't you worry though, we have your cleansing superheroes ready to stand up for you! For an oil cleanser, we absolutely LOVE the Dr's Care Cleansing Oil by Leejiham. It is super effective, thorough yet gentle, and leaves you with a non-greasy finish. (yay!) For your water-based cleanser, we highly recommend either one of the Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleansers - Green Tea or Blueberry. Packed with antioxidants and fermented ingredients, these babies are our personal favorites. 

Sensitive Skin - Can't find a cleansing duo that won't break you out? Look no further peeps! Clean It Purity by Banila Co. and the Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser by Klairs are here to save the day! Both are award-winning cleansers with mild yet effective ingredients. The Clean It Zero Purity is a hypoallergenic oil cleanser that is free from artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and mineral oil. The Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser contains core ingredients, such as everybody's favorite Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Aloe Vera to soothe, and Tea Tea Extracts to control moisture levels.


Normal Skin - You can't go wrong with the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic. Another award winner on our list containing Papaya extract to naturally exfoliate the skin, and acerola extract, which is rich in vitamin C to help brighten your skin. The very popular and lovely Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick by Su:m37 is our final pick for the day. This convenient cleanser comes in a stick form, which makes it portable and easy to travel with. It also has a pH level of 5, which protects your natural sebum veil and can work as a mild exfoliator. If you have any other doubts about the Miracle Rose, check out its drool-worthy ingredients list.

These are what we recommend to our favorite clients. Have you used any of these products? Let us know your feedback!

Chok Chok Diaries
Chok Chok Diaries

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