About Us

We, at Chok Chok Diaries aim to bring you only the best Korean beauty products to the GCC region. With the largest variety of Korean skincare in stock, we are able to provide a fun shopping experience through our comprehensive write-ups, quick ship program, customer friendly policies and endless supply of goodies.
Although we believe that good skincare is the first step towards achieving that highly coveted natural glow, we don’t shy away from adding a little extra oomph to our routines. Our large selection of makeup allows you to continually play around with your look and indulge in a whole world of color.
Here, an artist’s masterpiece is only as good as her tools and we would like to equip you with only the best. So from head-to-toe, you’ll be ready to paint your very own masterpiece!

Chok Chok Diaries is owned and managed by Alter Ego by Mystique General Trading LLC.


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