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Blackhead Silk Finger Ball (12pcs)

  • When it comes to blasting blackheads, you gotta think outside the box! As in, sticking your finger inside a silkworm cocoon to scrub 'em away. Yes, we're serious and totally sold. These "finger balls" are 100% natural Silkworm Cocoons that are geniusly used to exfoliate blackheads and impurities. It's naturally spun with silk protein, so instead of drying out skin like other peeling products, it actually moisturizes and refreshes. These blackhead-busting balls are perfect for all skin types, even super sensitive.
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  • Cleanse face and dry with towel. Soak a finger ball in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes. Then place index finger (or whichever finger you prefer) into the cocoon and massage over blackhead-prone zones or any area that needs exfoliation. When done, wash the finger ball with running water and let it air dry before storing away. Each finger ball may be reused 2 to 3 times with thorough washing. Finger balls may vary in size, color, and shape. This is expected, as they are 100% natural Silkworm Cocoons. Some cocoons may appear to have stains or impurities on the surface. Fret not- they're just natural byproducts, not contaminants. Just wash away in warm water.