Procure Extra Volume Hair Serum

  • Intensive nourishing hair serum to make hair healthy and shiny. For hair that needs an extra boost of volume. Containing nano liposomed HF Complex™, it protects your damaged hair against perm, coloring, blow-dry and UV rays and keeps it silky and soft. Containing Phyto Keratin derived from Bean and Corn, which enhances hair cuticle and promotes creation of Collagen and Elastine, this hair serum makes hair healthy and shiny.
  • HF ComplexTM - Polyphenol has twice the anti-oxidization properties than Vitamin and Anthocyanin reduces toxicity in the cells. Coenzyme Q10 : It has 50 times the anti-oxidization properties than Vitamin E and prevents skin against oxygen free radical. Astaxanthin: It has anti-oxidization property being 550 times as much as Vitamin E and 40 times as much as Betacarotin. It protects your hair against free-radical and aging caused by UV rays.
  • After shampooing, towel dry hair. Pump 1-2 times on the palm and apply to rough hair while softly massaging. Finish by drying and applying once again.
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